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About AICV

The variable flow area

Enables even more uniform inflow and enhanced phase filtering. The phase filtering is designed such that the unwanted phase is choked and the oil is favoured. Different design of the AICV® dtechnology is necessary for different application.

InflowControl has established AICV® concept for the following cases:


  • - Oil reservoirs with gas cap. The gas is stopped
  • - Oil reservoirs with water drive. The water is stopped at a given draw down in order to avoid high WC from ‘highwqay’ zones
  • - Heavy oil with water drive. The water is stopped.
  • - Extra heavy oil (bitumen). The steam is stopped.


  • wetwetwe

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InflowControl Services
InflowControl has broad experience and competence within inflow control techniques. Below is an overview of our knowledge in the segment:
  • - Overview of which passive and autonomic devices that are in the marked, with pros and cons
  • - Overview of relevant patents and publications
  • - Overview of relevant modelling tools and approaches that is robust
  • - Carry out and plan relevant experimental test program and how they should be performed
  • - Find the inflow control device that is the most optimal for a given drainage strategy based on fluid and reservoir characteristics
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