The AICV® - For most types of wells

AICV® Product Range



The AICV® was originally designed for shutting off gas in oil wells. However, the autonomous inflow technology can be modified, i.e. turned around such that the valve is open for gas and shuts-off liquid production.

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AICV® Ultra Light Oil

The AICV® functionality is based on the difference in the viscosities for different fluids in an oil reservoir. The AICV® can be open for oil, and stop the unwanted gas and/or water production. When the API gravity is higher than 34, the reservoir viscosity is normally less than 2 cP. The Ultra Light AICV® can shut-off gas as long as the oil reservoir viscosity is larger than 0.4 cP. For reservoir viscosity larger than 0.8 cP the AICV® can stop both gas and water. The first installation of the Ultra Light Oil AICV® will be performed Q2 2017.

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AICV® Light Oil

AICV® Light Oil is open for light oil and chokes back water and/or gas. The Light Oil AICV® is designed and qualified for oil viscosity at reservoir conditions from 2-5 cP, which is normally oil between 31 and 34 API gravity. The first successful installations of the Light Oil AICV® were performed in Canada and Middle East in 2015.

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AICV® Medium Oil

The AICV® Medium Oil is designed for medium oil, i.e. 22 < API Gravity < 31. The AICV® will be fully open for oil and shut-off water and gas. The AICV® Medium Oil is extensively tested and qualified for oil viscosities at reservoir conditions from 5-50 cP.

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AICV® Heavy Oil

The AICV® Heavy Oil is open for Heavy Oil 10 < API < 22 and chokes back water and gas. The AICV® Heavy Oil is extensively tested and qualified for oil viscosity at reservoir conditions from 50 -500 cP. The first installations are planned onshore China and Europe during 2016.

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AICV® Extra Heavy Oil

Non free-floating extra heavy oil or bitumen is a challenge to produce. Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) is commonly used to produce the oil, but steam breakthrough limits the production. The AICV® can stop the steam, improve oil recovery and reduce the steam to oil ratio (STO) significantly. The first successful installation of the Extra Heavy Oil AICV® was performed in Canada in 2015.

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AICV® can be applied for CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and storage. The AICV® has the capability to distinguish between fluids based on fluid properties as viscosity and density. Studies have verified that the AICV can be applied to shut-off carbonized water and supercrital CO2 and the first EOR AICV installation was performed in Canada 2015.

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