Ultra Light Oil

AICV® Ultra Light Oil

The AICV® functionality is based on the difference in the viscosities for different fluids in an oil reservoir. The AICV® can be open for oil, and stop the unwanted gas and/or water production. When the API gravity is higher than 34, the reservoir viscosity is normally less than 2 cP. The Ultra Light AICV® can shut-off gas as long as the oil reservoir viscosity is larger than 0.4 cP. For reservoir viscosity larger than 0.8 cP the AICV® can stop both gas and water. The first installation of the Ultra Light Oil AICV® will be performed Q2 2017.

In most fields with this oil type the draining mechanism of pressure support from gas and / or water. This means that after a period of production, all wells will have gas and/or water breakthrough. As the breakthrough expands the production have to be limited due to excessive gas and/or water production. This means that production from the well have to be choked or stopped, even there is oil left along the wellbore. Inflow Control Device (ICD) and Autonomous Inflow Control Device (AICD) developed and installed by several oil companies have shown that the oil production and recovery can be increased significantly with better inflow control along the well. However, neither ICD nor AICD is able to shut off the unwanted gas and water production completely. The newly developed and qualified Autonomous Inflow Control Valve (AICV®) can shut off the unwanted fluid completely.

Extensively qualification programs with major oil companies have confirmed the functionality and robustness of the AICV® technology.