AICV product range

The AICV® can be designed for the majority of well applications. This means that your ICD strength will autonomously manage the partial or full choking of un-wanted gas, steam and/or water which is of significant benefit given the vast uncertanties operators experience in reality. The AICV® can be tailored to fit your reservoir depletion strategy for the life of the well.

AICV® Ultra Light Oil

AICV® Ultra Light Oil has been proven for Gas Shut-off within oil viscosities as low as 0.25 cP and for Water Management, the AICV…

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AICV® Light Oil

AICV® Light Oil is open for light oil and chokes back water and/or gas. This AICV® Light Oil is designed and qualified for oil…

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AICV® Medium Oil

The AICV® Medium Oil is designed for medium oil, 5 – 50 cP. The AICV® will be fully open for oil and shut-off water and gas. Th…

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AICV® Heavy Oil

The AICV® Heavy Oil is designed to maximize oil production from hydrocarbon rich zones in reservoirs 50 cP. It is designed to cho…

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AICV® Extra Heavy Oil

Extra heavy oil or bitumen is a challenge to produce. Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) is commonly used to produce the oil,…

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The AICV® Gas prototype is designed for shutting-off liquid production (water and condensate) in gas wells.

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AICV® can be applied for CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and storage.

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The Autonomous Inflow Control Valves (AICV®) for production wells is integrated with sand screens for all types of applications (sandstone and carbonate reservoirs). InflowControl delivers AICV® liners (base pipe with AICV® and sand screen filter) worldwide, based on the operators requirements. For more information please contact an InflowControl representative.

Wire-Wrapped Sand Screen

Screens made of a wire-wrapped outer jacket fitted over perforated base-pipe and welded to the pipe at each end to provide structural support with a shroud to protect the screen. The wire-wrapped screens are made of a wire-wrapped…

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Premium Mesh Sand Screen

Screens with woven wire mesh forming a resilient filter and evenly distributing flow across the full area of mesh. Our partners premium sintered mesh screens have a single layer or multiple layers of woven wire mesh, sometimes sin…

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