Research & Development

Research and Development Projects

The next generation Autonomous Inflow Control Valve (AICV®) has been developed and verified through a number of research projects with funding from the Norwegian and European research councils. The research and development program has a total budget of 8 million USD. In addition, technology development and qualification programs are ongoing with several leading oil companies located in e.g. Norway, the Middle East, Australia and Canada. The research and development programs sponsored by the research councils are described briefly below.



The project will develop a novel, autonomous and reversible inflow control valve to increase oil production and reservoir recovery rate by stopping production of unwanted water and gas locally in reservoirs, within FP7-SME research to the benefit of SMEs (R4S ), Grant no. 605701.

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North Sea verification and qualification

The aim is to develop and verify the well concept (AICV®) and make it ready for field testing on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The Norwegian Research Council is financing 1 of 2 million USD and the project started January 2013.

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The full name is ‘Increased reservoir recovery rates by EXTRACTing oil using an innovative autonomous and reversible inflow control valve’ and is a Eurostar project. Eurostar is a European joint programme that supports SMEs performing R&D and stimulates international collaborative research and innovation projects. Advanced Chemical Etching and InflowControl are partners in this project.

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CO2 and AICV for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

One major problem with CO2 injection in oil reservoirs is the breakthrough of CO2 into the oil producer. The aim of this project is to verify that this problem can be solved with the new technology, Autonomous Inflow Control Valve (AICV®).

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