The first field installation of AICV® presented in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Date: June 12, 2016

During the The SPE 2016 Annual Technical Symposium and Exhibition in Dharan, Saudi Arabia the paper Optimizing Reservoir Performance through Utilization of Autonomous Inflow Control Valve – Lessons Learnt from the World’s First Installation, by Ikhsan Nugraha, Terki K AlBassam, Alessandro Gallelli, Saudi Aramco and Vidar Mathiesen, InflowControl, The paper describes the development of the Autonomous ICV, experimental test results, preparations prior to the completion and installation. The main challenges and conclusion from the field tests were presented and discussed based on the initial flowback data where the functionality of autonomous inflow control valve was verified, i.e., by shut-off of low viscosity fluid, such as water, and opening for oil with higher viscosity, see SPE-182755.

Vidar Mathiesen, CEO of InflowControl said: “The first AICV installation with the world’s leading oil company, Saudi Aramco demonstrating the potential in the technology. This is fabulous and thanks go to the team in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and InflowControl sincerely appreciate Saudi Aramco for their help and cooperation before and throughout the operations.”

Several other installations have been successfully performed worldwide. Results from those will be published at international oil and gas conferences in the near future, e.g. at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Dubai in September and  World Heavy Oil Conference, Calgary in September.