Our Vision

Changing The Oil Industry by Making Better Wells

"We want to make a difference. Our vision is to change the oil and gas industry." - Vidar Mathiesen, PHD in Multiphase Flow and Co-founder of InflowControl AS.

Oil and gas is currently the world’s most reliable source of energy. It is an energy that provides people with heat, industry with power, transportation with fuel, and is the fundamental resource in nearly all everyday objects. Ultimately, we can live the modern lives we are so accustomed to today because of oil and gas.

However, hydrocarbons used for global industrialization have also led to a problem: increased climate change. No longer debatable, humanity faces the urgent task to balance the need for hydrocarbons with the need to reduce carbon emissions. Oil and gas companies are no exception to this and must play their part in global environmental stewardship.

We are oil and gas engineers with decades of expertise and experience in reservoir engineering and well productivity. InflowControl knows that real impact only happens when technology solutions can successfully turn sustainability into profitability. That is why we developed our Autonomous Inflow Control Valve (AICV®).

Designed to combat the inherent challenges within horizontal wells, the AICV® has the unique ability to completely choke unwanted water and gas production without any well intervention. By eliminating the need to reduce the drawdown due to water or gas breakthrough, oil-producing zones can remain open. The results are increased daily oil production and recovery, significantly reduced operational costs, and, importantly, enhanced environmental performance.

To ensure the execution and delivery of our top-quality products, InflowControl’s headquarters, engineering and production facilities are located in Norway. We find it crucial for our teams of international experts to work in close cooperation with one another, whether they be engineers, scientists or manufacturers, so we may offer uniquely catered support to our clients.

With many of these clients situated outside of Norway, we also know it is necessary to be where you are. This is why we have offices set up across the globe, onsite and side-by-side with leading reservoir experts, allowing us to work together when it comes to solving today’s reservoir management issues, including excessive contaminated water, greenhouse gas emissions, and skyrocketing production costs.

In collaboration with our clients, we will continue to revolutionize the next decade of oil production. And with the AICV®’s proven success in over 100 wells to date, our vision set on improving oil recovery and mitigating industry impact is here to stay.

These are the results that matter, not only for the oil and gas industry but for the world. Join us today in Making Better Wells.