Autonomous Outflow Control Valve

Unlocking optimal injectivity in water flooding operations is crucial for maximizing oil recovery from reservoirs utilizing injection well support. The challenge lies in achieving consistent fluid distribution across different zones within the reservoir. Inefficient pressure support is also a problem as uneven pressure distribution hinders optimal oil recovery. Autonomous Outflow Control Valves (AOCV®) offer solutions to these challenges.  


AOCVs efficiently manage injection fluid flow, autonomously adjusting to ensure uniform zonal distribution. This capability enhances reservoir conformance, prevents excessive fluid losses into high permeability zones and fractures, and optimizes pressure support. As a result, operators can expect improved sweep efficiency and enhanced oil recovery rates.

By maintaining a constant flow behaviour as per operators' specified parameters, AOCVs harmonize the injection flood front, promoting more efficient reservoir management.

Explore how InflowControl's AOCVs can support your water flood operations and maximize oil production by downloading our product data sheet.

Product Data Sheet

Benefits of AOCV®

Uniform Zonal Fluid Distribution: The AOCV® autonomously regulates flow, ensuring consistent injection across all zones within the wellbore.
Enhanced Sweep Efficiency: Optimized flow distribution leads to better reservoir conformance and increased oil recovery.
Improved Pressure Support: The AOCV® ensures uniform pressure throughout the reservoir, maximizing oil production potential.
Reduced Fluid Residence Time: Efficient flow translates to faster fluid movement and improved well productivity.

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