Autonomous Inflow Control Valve

Each reservoir is different and each reservoir faces different challenges.

AICV® is tailored as per the reservoir managements needs. Designed to function effectively within the operators' requirements and to meet their objectives. This means that flow performance of the AICV® will be designed to the operators' requirements and needs to autonomously manage how the valve will restrict un-wanted water or gas.  


All wells face challenges with un-wanted water and/or gas ingress be it vertical, slanted, or horizontal. 

Horizontal wells have become common place as their design by nature ensures maximum reservoir contact yet non-uniform well drainage creates water and/or gas breakthrough challenges due to heterogeneous reservoirs with permeability variations and fractures along with friction inside the liner/tubing.

AICVs enable oil production as the valves remain 'open' for oil saturated sections of the wellbore yet the AICVs autonomously manage to restrict flow from reservoir sections that are producing higher degress of un-wanted water and gas. There are several designs of AICVs ranging from 0.25 cP ultralight oil up to >3000 cP ultraheavy oil.

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