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Gas Shut-Off, Ultralight Oil

85% reduction in gas production using AICV® technology in a carbonate reservoir producing ultra-light oil.

Water Shut-off, Heavy Oil

3x improved oil production utilizing, 80% reduction in water. AICV® technology in a matured heavy oil field.

Gas Shut-Off,
Light Oil

Over 80% reduction of un-wanted gas production in >20 wells completed with AICV® technology in fractured carbonate field.

Gas Shut-Off, Medium Oil

Vertical wells with a multi-layered formation reduced more than 90% gas production with AICV® installations in South America.

Water Control, Heavy Oil

Increased oil production with AICV® installation in South America by providing superior water control.

Water Control, Light Oil

45% reduction in water and increased oil production using AICV® technology in a fractured carbonate reservoir in United States.

Water & Gas Shut-Off, Medium & Heavy Oil

 100% increased oil production and 95% reduced water production with AICV® installations in a multi-layered formation in South America.