Changing the Oil Industry by Making Better Wells

InflowControl's highly technical personnel have a wealth of subsurface, operational and research experience across a broad spectrum of subsurface technologies & inflow control technology. This includes technology development, innovation, patenting, design, qualification, and commercial production.

Our Vision

InflowControl's vision is to change the oil industry to become more sustainable and cost efficient. Increasing ultimate oil recovery is one of InflowControl's primary objectives when developing and modelling the subsurface application of their patented AICV® technology.

Transparency Act Statement

The Transparency Act is a law that requires organizations to provide information to the public and uphold human rights and decent working conditions in accordance with OECD guidelines. It recognizes the importance of transparency and accountability in maintaining these values within organizations. 

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Making Better Wells with AICV® technology

InflowControl is a Norwegian technology company with proven experience from developing and introducing new Autonomous Inflow Control Devices (AICD) into a conservative oil industry. During the last two-decades, the use of inflow control technologies has dramatically improved well production, resulting in increased recovery factors, reduced water cut and gas oil ratio, drainage efficiency and wellbore cleanup.

InflowControl's focus is to provide technology to oil and gas operators which supports them in 'Making Better Wells'. AICV® technology enables oil companies to greatly lower production costs by reducing and/or stopping unwanted gas and water production yet increasing oil production and recovery.

To ensure the execution and delivery of our top-quality products, InflowControl’s headquarters, engineering, R&D and production facilities are located in Norway. We find it crucial for our teams of international experts to work in close cooperation with one another, whether they be engineers, scientists, or manufacturers, so we may offer uniquely catered support to our clients.

With many of these clients situated outside of Norway, we also know it is necessary to be where you are. Therefore, we have offices set up across the globe, onsite and side-by-side with leading reservoir experts, allowing us to work together when it comes to solving today’s reservoir management issues, including excessive contaminated water, greenhouse gas emissions, and skyrocketing production costs.

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The historical development of Inflow Control Technology

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First known Passive ICD (inflow control device) installed in Norway.  ICD's resolved shortcomings of OH Horizontal wells. ICD introduced a pressure drop from the reservoir into the well and managed better non uniform inflow profiles along well. 

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Early 2000's

Statoil-Troll used passive ICD's as standard design to delay un-wanted Gas breakthrough (BT) Issues were encountered as they realized ICDs delayed Gas BT cap but were not able to choke the gas.

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Statoil still had production engineering needs to stop Gas breakthrough. Challenged service companies to come up solution(s) via a competition.

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2006 - AICD

2006, Haavard Aakre and Vidar Mathiesen invented the RCP (Rate Controlled Production) valve; known as the Statoil AICD. Performance of RCP-AICD verified through dozens of installations. GOR reduced and oil production increased by ~20 % vs. ICDs.

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2011 - InflowControl (AICV®)

In 2011 InflowControI was founded by Vidar Mathiesen, Haavard Aakre and Bjørnar Werswick. 
The founders has over 15 years experience in Passive & Autonomous ICD from Statoil. In 2012 the Autonomous Inflow Control Valve (AICV®) was invented.

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2013 — Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco Energy Venture invested in InflowControI. 

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2015 - AICV® Success

First global deployment was successful. Deployed and evaluated within Light, Medium and Heavy Oil applications.

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2020 - AICV®

Over 100 wells successfully deployed. Ultra-Low Viscosity Oil AICVs qualified: >0.25 cP for gas shut off and >0.60 cP for water shut off Proven dramatic reduction in Gas and Water production & increased Oil recovery vs. ICD technology tested and proven within multiple  world class flow loops (Norway, USA, Canada).

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2022 - Milestone

Over 220 AICV® wells successfully deployed in five different continents.

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