Transparenty Act

InflowControl is in accordance with the new Transparency Act which entered into force on 1 July 2022, obliged to carry out due diligence assessments in line with the OECD's guidelines for multinational companies, and shall facilitate answering requests from the public and explaining our work.

To send such requests to InflowControl, use this link.


InflowControl is now working on establishing processes for due diligence assessment in the company. The work with due diligence assessments is a systematic approach to identify, evaluate and manage risks related to InflowControl's business, supply chain, products and services, and ensure that relevant laws and regulations are complied with.

In general, the work with due diligence assessments consists of the following steps:

  1. Identification of relevant risk factors: All relevant risk factors that may affect the company's operation and reputation must be identified. This can include factors such as environmental, social, labor rights, human rights and financial risks.
  2. Assessment of the risks: The degree of seriousness of each risk must be assessed and based on that decide which ones require closer follow-up.
  3.  Development of an action plan: An action plan must be developed to reduce or eliminate identified risks. This may include setting targets and timetables for managing the risks, as well as involving key people in the organization and supply chain.
  4. Implementation of the action plan: The action plan must be implemented and progress monitored to ensure that the measures work as planned.
  5. Assessment of effectiveness: The effectiveness of the action plan must be evaluated and, if necessary, adjustments must be made.

The work with due diligence assessments is a continuous process, and InflowControl is open to changes in risk factors and will adapt the action plan accordingly.

InflowControl has a desire to make a positive contribution to promoting human rights and employee rights, and will systematically work to incorporate this into our operations and towards our partners.

InflowControl will publish the report and make it available on this page by 30 June 2023.