The Simple Physics of Inflow Control

With the help of our CEO, Dr. Vidar Mathiesen and Subsurface Vice President Dr. Ismarullizam Mohd Ismail, we begin an exploratory series on inflow control technology using simplified science.

YouTube Series

Unwanted water & gas production in the oil industry

The Heel to Toe effect in horizontal wells

The function of inflow control; ICD, AICD & AICV

The physics of the Autonomous Inflow Control Valve

The basic aspects of a typical horizontal well

The 3 steps of oil production in horizontal wells

The physics of the ICD - Inflow Control Device

Multiphase flow with AICV® completion

Darcy's Law applied to the oil reservoir

Calculating the mobility ratio of water & gas to oil

The physics of an AICD - Autonomous ICD

The AICV® and Reservoir Modelling