200 AICV® Wells Deployed Globally

Important milestone for InflowControl | Celebrating 200 AICV® Well Innstallations.

"We are making a difference and we are changing the oil industry. 200 AICV® wells are deployed in five different continents where we have increased the oil production and recovery significantly. With the unique AICV® and a great team we can together with our customers create better wells than ever. We are looking back at our first installation in 2015, a well which is still performing with great results and seven years later we celebrate the success of 200 AICV® wells. A big thanks to our team for their hard work and dedication who daily strives to change the oil industry for the better and supports our customers in 'Making Better Wells'. We are here to change the oil industry, and this is only the beginning.” states the enthusiastic CEO and co-founder of InflowControl, Dr. Vidar Mathiesen.