85% reduction in gas production in a carbonate reservoir

Due to excessive gas production, predominately from the fractures, often well GOR would exceed 10,000 scf/bbl, affecting the oil production adversely. There were limited completion options to manage the gas production at the reservoir level.

AICV® is the only device that identifies the fluid flowing through it based on the fluid properties and shut off the production of unwanted fluids such as water and gas autonomously. The operator decided to install AICV® technology in one of the existing wells. InflowControl collaborated with the operator’s asset team in designing the AICV® completion and the well was retrofitted with 44 AICV® units in 10 compartments. Swellpackers and mechanical open hole packers were used to achieve the required zonal isolations.

Case Study 1 Gas Shut Off 85%, Improved Oil 5X, Carbonate, Middle East