Journal of Petroleum Technology - June 2020

Journal of Petroleum Technology - June edition hosts a technology article showcasing three case-studies where operators have Increased Oil Recovery and lowered un-wanted gas and water production through the use of AICV® (autonomous inflow control valve) technology.

AICVs demonstrate a 90% improved choke of gas and water vs. passive ICD (inflow control devices) and maintaining similar oil rates. AICVs show they can produce 20-30% more oil vs. first generation AICD. AICVs can produced 70-80% less water vs. first generation AICD.

Ref: Journal of Petroleum Technology, June 2020 – Volume 72, Number 6; Pages 44-45.

Authors: Vidar Mathiesen co-founder and CEO, and Brent Brough CCO, would like to thank its customers for their support and JPT for their efforts.