Water Control | AICV® vs. RCP-AICD

An operator in South America started the development of a remote green oilfield in 2018 with horizontal wells. Due to the presence of a strong water drive mechanism, the initial well reached unacceptable water production levels, negatively impacting oil production and CO2 footprint; driving the operator to evaluate and install advanced completion technologies to control water production and improve reservoir drainage.

Trialed AICD technologies have proven to delay water breakthrough but due to its operating principles, they cannot effectively control zones with higher water saturations.


After a detailed simulation study, comparing the performance of an existing RCP-AICD completion versus an AICV® completion, pre-drilling modelling indicated potential oil increase of 14% and 2.2 million barrels of water reduction in 400 days of production.


The actual well performance results demonstrated the AICV® well outperformed the RCP-AICD well with an incremental oil production of 200,000 bbl of oil and reduction of water by 3.5 million barrels of water over a 400 day period.


Follow the link to read full case study, including completion details and well production results.