World Heavy Oil - 2019, Muscat Oman

Dr. Vidar Mathiesen, CEO, will be holding a presentation on Wed.September 4 at 11:40 during the “DRIVING EFFICIENY IN BROWNFIELDS” Session, located in Room 2.

InflowControl provides truly Autonomous Inflow Control Valves – AICV® that can be utilized across the entire spectrum of oil viscosities from 0.25 cP up to extra heavy bitumen in cold and thermal production. The AICV® technology enables operators to produce by-passed oil by choking-off unwanted water and gas and allowing oil to be produced effectively by distributing draw-down more evenly across the reservoir, thus enhancing total recoverability without any additional well intervention required. Visit us to learn about real-case studies where operators have applied our proven, robust, next generation of autonomous flow control technology across a variety of well applications. InflowControl – Making Better Wells™