World's First AICV® Installed in Middle East

The first AICV® well worldwide was implemented in a major offshore field in the Middle East.


The first AICV® well deployed worldwide was implemented in the Middle East with a major operator within one of it's major offshore fields where the operator had early water and gas breakthrough history.

After considering options such as conventional ICD and AICD from other vendors, the operator wanted to verify InflowControl’s AICV®. InflowControl was tasked with the challenge to stop water production and bringing the oil production back to commercial rates.

The AICV® well was deployed August 2015 and has demonstrated oil production for several years without showing water or free gas production. The 3600 ft horizontal section was divided into 10 compartments with 3 AICVs with 250 µm wire wrap screen, resulting in a balanced inflow along the entire well length confirmed by the PLT-log. The AICV® completion closes for any zone with excessive water or gas production, which makes the lower completion more flexible than any commercial completion on the market today for managing unwanted inflow fluids and supporting increased oil recovery.

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SPE 182755