Reservoir Management Solutions

The AICV® design is tailored for the reservoir managments needs to function effectively within the operators requirements. This means that the 'strength' of the AICV® will be designed to the operators needs to autonomously manage how the valve either partially or fully chokes off un-wanted gas, steam and/or water. The AICVs are designed to remain open for oil vs. gas or water and this enables increased oil production.


InflowControl’s PAV-AICV® (Pressure Activated Valve) solution is a world first for combining an autonomous inflow control device with a fully closed system.

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The AICV® can be combined with an Injection module which will enable operators to inject at higher rates if required for stimulation activities.


The Autonomous Inflow Control Valves (AICV®) will be integrated with the correct sand control screens or strainer as required by the operators reservoir needs, be it sand stone or carbonate. There are a variety of different sand control types ranging from Direct Wire Wrap screens to Premium Screens for production wells. InflowControl delivers AICV® liners (base pipe with AICV® and sand screen filter) worldwide, based on the operators requirements.

Autonomous Inflow Control Valve

The AICV® can be designed for all reservoir and fluid types. The design of the AICV® are tailored to the operators requirements reservoir management needs.

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